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Time For School by AGodofIrony
Time For School
Fire and Miji! Fire's the taller girl with the black and red hair, and Miji's the shorter girl with blondish/brown hair!

I imagine Miji is very spontaneous, often dragging her sister in on things, including often dressing up, and Fire just goes along with it.

Miji: Come on, Mom's gonna teach us some stuff, so I got us these to learn with!
Fire: I... don't think you need to wear a uniform like this to learn, Miji...
Miji: But we look so cute!

Fire and Miji are part of The Adventures of Super Kimi and Wonder Sama, which was created and maintained by :icongoldensama:, though I am lucky enough to help contribute to it!
Mother-Daughter Bonding Time by AGodofIrony
Mother-Daughter Bonding Time
From left to right, it's Fire, Aboy, and Miji! All in dresses to... do something! Probably just to have a nice day and not worry about evil or something, I think.

Aboy is Fire and Miji's "mom" as she made both of them, in order to combat Sire and Miki from her world, so Fire and Miji are technically the counterparts to Hammah and Jimi.

Aboy is also probably terrified she's going to screw up and be a bad parent to Fire and Miji and do something bad, but she wants to be the best mom she can to them. And they want to be good daughters for her, and help her in reclaiming their world from the villains.
Bro Fist - Sketch by AGodofIrony
Bro Fist - Sketch
Originally I was thinking of drawing Amelie and Hammah. Decided to draw Amelie and Kasumi instead. They're both fun to draw!

Probably draw Amelie and Hammah tomorrow or something.

Amelie and Kasumi belong to :icontuxedomoroboshi:
Let Me Carry You - Sketch by AGodofIrony
Let Me Carry You - Sketch
Just doing a little sketching for fun.

Galv and Melanie! I need to draw these two more often. Here's Galv carrying his true love, Melanie around. I kind of like how it came out.

Galv is my character.

Melanie belongs to :iconangel-star727:
Happy B-Day DP 2014 by AGodofIrony
Happy B-Day DP 2014
Auuuuugh I am behind on drawings/stories for birthdays for my friends but this just popped in my head. Plus, I had been meaning to draw SK&WS Aboy with something that showed off her stomach, since she'd have a scar there because of being almost killed by FightAnyway.

There's more I could write, but there's a dog clawing at me for attention, and it's difficult to type with one hand while petting her.

Happy birthday :icondarkphazon395:


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Writer, drawer guy. Mostly just draw for fun, but would like to be a professional writer one day. Should do more of that here.

So this is more of an experiment then anything else, and I mostly wanted to try my hand at it.

I'm going to be taking some cheap point commissions. I'll be taking five right now, and if it works out, I'll think about taking more.


For Sketch

5 Points for Upper Body

10 Points for Full Body

Maximum three characters


Not A Problem - SKETCH by AGodofIrony Levina and Kanna - SKETCH by AGodofIrony Bunny Kimi - SKETCH by AGodofIrony

Sketch + Color

10 Points for Upper Body

15 Points for Full Body

Maximum of three characters


Expectations by AGodofIrony The Fallout Games - Gender Bender by AGodofIrony Cake Sponge by AGodofIrony


25 Points for Upper Body

30 Points for Full Body

Maximum of three characters


Black Jack by AGodofIrony Grudge by AGodofIrony

Digital + Colored Lines

40 Points for Upper Body

50 Points for Full Body

Maximum of three characters

Quickish - Blake Hawkins by AGodofIrony Bunny Time by AGodofIrony What A Twist by AGodofIrony


  1. Human characters only. Sorry, I can't really draw anthros or robots very well.

  2. If the design of the character is overly complicated, I will simplify if needed.

  3. No porn. Scantily clad can be alright though, depending.

  4. I reserve the right to refuse any commission.


1. :iconswayayso:…

2. :icongoldensama:

3. :iconknucxsonia:



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